Puerto Rico Health officials announced an additional 16 Zika virus cases in pregnant women, bringing the total to 60 for the year. For this reason and to prevent sexual transmission of Zika has prompted government officials to take action concerning contraception.

Image/Puerto Rico Health Ministry
Image/Puerto Rico Health Ministry 3 cases belong to unknown municipality

According to local media (computer translated), Secretary of the Department of Health, Ana Ríus Armendariz issued Administrative Order No. 350 requiring health plans to provide coverage of the most effective contraceptive methods such as intrauterine devices and inserting hormonal implants. “The purpose of this order is to expand access to more effective methods as we continue on alert Zika virus,” she explained.

Health officials continue to emphasize other Zika preventive measures to include using insect repellent, eliminating mosquito breeding sites and wearing light colored appropriate clothing.

Puerto Rico has reported 436 locally transmitted Zika virus infections in 2016 to date. In addition to the 60 cases in pregnant women, five Guillain Barré Syndrome cases have been reported linked to Zika.