The Zika virus situation in Puerto Rico continues to grow and we learn today that the first Zika related microcephaly case was reported by island health officials.

For the last week of April, 140 additional confirmed Zika virus cases were reported, bringing the total to 925. Of the additional 140 cases, 18 were seen in pregnant women, according to a health department news release (computer translated).

Puerto Rico/CIA
Puerto Rico/CIA

Then there was the news from Secretary of Health, Ana Ríus Armendariz who said that a microcephaly case linked to Zika has been reported.  “In recent days and a investigation in collaboration with the CDC was determined the first case of a pregnancy where the fetus had severe microcephaly and calcifications in the brain accompanied by the presence of Zika virus, the Secretary said.

“We we’re waiting for this news for sometime. Having robust surveillance systems allowed us to detect this case early. However, at the request of the family and honoring his right to privacy, it will not be offering more detail than we are taking today.”

To date, 128 pregnant women on the island have been diagnosed as having contracted Zika.

In addition, Puerto Rico health officials reported an additional case of Guillain-Barré syndrome, the eighth case to date. One Zika-related fatality was reported last month.