Kentucky Senator and physician, Rand Paul announced recently the return to the taxpayers of over $5.7 million since taking office in January 2011.


On April 11, Paul said that he saved more than $480,000 from his official fiscal year 2021 operating budget.

“It’s easy to picture Washington’s out-of-control spending as a massive, untamable beast,” said Dr. Paul. “I’m determined to show change is possible by starting in the area under my control, while working everywhere else I can to stop ‘business as usual.’ When I ran for office, I promised Kentuckians I would stand for smaller, more efficient government, balanced budgets, and spending restraint. I’m proud my staff and I have kept that pledge while operating one of the most active federal offices.”

Dr. Paul has achieved the savings by asking his staff to do more with less.

In Washington, D.C., Dr. Paul and his staff continue working for all Kentuckians and taxpayers by fighting for commonsense, fiscally conservative solutions to bureaucratic problems and waste. Dr. Paul has led the way for reform by introducing a five-year balanced budget, and shining a spotlight on reckless federal spending.

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