September is Sepsis Awareness Month and for 30 days, Sepsis Alliance and sepsis advocates pull out all the stops to spread the word about what sepsis is, what it does, and how we can make a difference and save lives.

S. aureus Image/CDC
S. aureus Image/CDC

While more than half of Americans have never heard of sepsis, this devastating disease is responsible for more than 258,000 lives being lost per year. Sepsis ranks as the third leading cause of death in the U.S. (after heart disease and cancer).

On the Sunday, Sep. 25 Outbreak News This Week Radio Show, I was joined by two guests that know sepsis because they lived through it.

In the first half, Sepsis Alliance founder, Dr Carl Flatley joined me to discuss the ABCs of sepsis, the founding of the organization and Sepsis Awareness Month.

In the second half, sepsis survivor and author, Gary Black joined me to give his story about his battle with sepsis and to discuss his book, GYROSCOPE, A Survival of Sepsis.

Visit Mr Black’s website at Sepsis Awareness Today

LISTEN to the complete podcast below:

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