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San Diego County officials say the ongoing outbreak of Shigella now stands at 41 confirmed and seven probable cases, an increase from 38 confirmed and three probable cases in the Nov. 19 update.


The County Public Health shigella website has been updated to include an epidemiological curve showing declining case numbers in recent weeks.

The cases are among individuals experiencing homelessness, with the majority at multiple locations in central San Diego and two cases in North County.

No source of the outbreak has currently been identified.

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Shigella is a contagious infection typically spread by contaminated surfaces, food or water, or person to person. Those at increased risk include young children (especially those in daycare), people who are experiencing homelessness, travelers to locations with poor sanitation and men who have sex with men.

Typical symptoms of shigellosis include diarrhea (sometimes bloody), fever and stomach cramps. While most people will recover fully without antibiotic treatment, some individuals with poor immune systems can develop life-threatening disease and may need further treatment.