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The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the 6th monkeypox (Mpox) confirmed patient in Korea on April 7.


The patient was a Korean who visited a medical institution on April 3 with suspected symptoms. At the medical institution, tests for other infectious diseases were conducted first, and after confirming negatives, additional suspected Mpox infection was reported to the local public health center on April 6.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention immediately conducted a diagnostic test according to the report, and as a result of the genetic test, it was confirmed as a confirmed case.

To date, a total of 6 Mpox patients have been reported in Korea. The first 5 patients are related to overseas travel. This latest case was locally acquired.

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The patient is currently hospitalized at the Mpox treatment hospital, and although the overall condition is good, he will be hospitalized and treated until he recovers.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) is conducting a quick on-site response to confirm the movement of confirmed patients and conduct contact investigations, and confirmed contacts will be managed according to the level of exposure.

Commissioner Ji Young-mi emphasized, “Cooperation between the public and the medical community is more important than anything else to curb the spread of Mpox in the community.”

If you have risk factors and suspicious symptoms, such as a history of visiting countries where Mpox has occurred or close contact with suspected patients, you are advised to contact the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (1339).

Medical staff were asked to wear protective gear when treating patients suspected of Mpox, and to actively cooperate in monitoring and reporting patients.