South Korean health officials are reporting strengthened control measures in response to three confirmed measles cases at Hanlim Arts School in Seoul to prevent further spread of the disease.


Following initial reports of a suspected case on May 8th, there have been reports of six subsequent suspected cases, three of which have been confirmed as of May 27th.

An emergency planning meeting was held on May 27th to strengthen monitoring of suspected and confirmed cases, as well as possible contacts. Temporary vaccinations are to be administered to 80 students and faculty whose measles vaccination history could not be confirmed.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (KCDC) is working with city officials to keep the spread of the disease under control. Together they have established a rapid response system for district public health centers and schools, and are conducting joint epidemiological investigations to monitor the situation.

Symptomatic individuals are being advised to refrain from going to school, and parents are being informed if their children are suspected of measles infection, along with instructions for isolation and other measures to prevent further spread.

KCDC has advised medical and healthcare professionals to isolate and immediately report patients who show symptoms of fever and rash and are suspected of measles infection.