By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

In an update on the measles outbreak in Tonga, the Ministry of Health now reports 251 cases of confirmed or suspected measles.

This was a patient who presented with Koplik’s spots on palate due to pre-eruptive measles on day 3 of the illness./CDC

The vast majority of cases (86 percent) are reported on the island of Tongatapu and the remainder in Vava’u.

Officials say outbreak of measles in Tonga occurred following the return of a squad of Tongan rugby players from New Zealand where one player had developed the illness. A further 12 players developed measles on their return to Tonga.

Of the 251 cases, vaccination history has been found for 125 cases. Of these 125 cases, 102 (82%) have a two-dose history with MR vaccine and the remainder have a one dose history. The remaining cases are
awaiting verification of vaccination histories.