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Here are the five most popular posts on Outbreak News Today for the month of May 2023:

5. Chicago Mpox cases rising, 24 confirmed cases since March

The Illinois Department of Public Health announced that cases of mpox (formerly known as monkeypox) are on the rise in Chicago and suburban Cook County and is urging those at-risk for mpox exposure to take precautions and to get vaccinated, if they are not already, ahead of the spring and summer festival and Pride season.

4. Pinworms: They only come out at night

Pinworm, or Enterobius vermicularis, is a small intestinal roundworm about the size of a staple. The female adult worms leave the anus in the middle of the night while the person is sleeping to deposit her eggs around the skin of the perianal region.

3. Norovirus confirmed on three recent cruises

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that norovirus has been confirmed as the causative agent in outbreak on three additional voyages–Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Equinox and Celebrity Constellation and Princess Cruises’ Ruby Princess.

2. Marburg virus disease situation update from WHO

The World Health Organization released the following situation updates on the Marburg Virus Disease (MVD) outbreaks simultaneously in the African countries of Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania.

1.A Look at Human Botfly Infestation

This rare and quite disgusting condition is known as myiasis, an infection or infestation of the body of animals, and more rarely humans with the larva of botflies and related species. In other words: maggots in your body.

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