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The Center for Public Health of Ukraine announced a measles fatality last week in a 5-year-old boy who has not been vaccinated due to contraindications. The boy’s brother, who was also unvaccinated  but did not have contraindications, also contracted measles.

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This is the 40th measles death in Ukraine since the outbreak started in the summer of 2017.

Since the beginning of the year to August 23, 2019, 57,482 people became ill with measles – 27,176 adults and 30,306 children. More than 115,000 measles cases have been reported since 2017.

The latest fatality prompted health officials to remind the public of the critical need to form herd immunity of at least 95% in order to protect those who cannot get vaccinated due to contraindications.

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For reliable protection against measles, all children should receive both the first and second doses of the measles vaccine on time. The Ministry of Health encourages everyone to follow the Vaccination Calendar and catch up with vaccinations as soon as possible if they miss a routine vaccination.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine provides free vaccination for children and adults alike: age restrictions on free measles vaccination have been abolished . You can also vaccinate infants as young as 6 months of age, for whom measles is particularly dangerous. In addition, children whose parents received false vaccination certificates should receive the vaccination.