Officials with the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department announced Friday they were investigating four probable cases of mumps in Pierce County. The cases are linked to the outbreak in south King County.

Image/ National Atlas of the United States
Image/ National Atlas of the United States

“Public health is essential to address disease outbreaks, especially those that cross county boundaries,” said Nigel Turner, communicable disease division director at Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department. “We coordinate with partner agencies to protect the health of all people in the affected area,” Turner said.

In King County, the number of mumps cases remains at fifty-four (11 confirmed, 43 probable) with additional cases under investigation, according to Public Health – Seattle & King County Friday.

Thirty-eight of the cases are in children age 17 and younger and 67% are reported as up-to-date on MMR vaccine.

All but one of the school-aged child cases are in the Auburn School District. Public Health – Seattle & King County has been informed of a student with mumps-like illness who attends school in the Kent School District. This case is linked to the ongoing outbreak in the Auburn School District.