The vast majority of doctors worldwide — a preponderance of medical professionals around the globe who so inadequately and woefully acknowledge that chronic Lyme disease exists — will have you believe that this illness presents itself in only a very small number of cases. In those rare cases, when doctors actually acknowledge the existence of Lyme, they will try to convince you that it is nothing more than a self-limiting, arthritic condition that can be easily treated and easily cured with a round of antibiotics…or two.

Ixodes scapularis/CDC

When you, the Lyme sufferer, have had no other option but to comply with these universally held medical falsehoods and the conventionally prescribed, highly ineffective short-term antibiotic treatment protocol and you somehow, mysteriously, remain ill for months, years and even decades – because Lyme, you see, is absolutely NOT self-limiting nor easily treated – doctors will shake their heads, call it Post Lyme Disease Syndrome (a maddening euphemism for ‘we treated you and we don’t know what’s wrong with you still and we don’t know what to do you with you now’), and then … oh, and then, to add insult to injury, they’ll typically make a referral for you to see a psychiatrist because you’re depressed or anxious and Lyme is ‘all in your head’.

Let me make this perfectly clear to any and all doctors who are listening. And I hope there are at least a few open-minded ones (apart from the handful of LLMD’s and LLND’s out there) who are willing to listen intently.


First and foremost, it’s a neurological disease infecting and affecting your brain and your nervous system, playing Russian roulette with all of the neurotransmitters that we rely on to keep us balanced and healthy. Apart from your head, Lyme also lives and wreaks havoc in your cells, tissues, organs, muscles, joints, gut, nerves, teeth, gums, and every other crack and crevice of your being. And once it settles in – like a pathologically cruel, unsympathetic terrorist – it’s next to impossible to eradicate, requiring years of multiple treatment protocols, some that are often way outside of the box of conventional medical thinking.

You see, chronic Lyme disease is a multi-system, neurological (meaning ‘in your head’), bacteria driven disease that results in a complete shut down of your immune system, mercilessly wreaking havoc where ever it goes – and it goes anywhere and everywhere it chooses, including your head.

So to all G.P.s, internists, rheumatologists, hepatologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists and neurologists, I beg of you … start learning about and understanding the stark, destructive, and ugly reality of this AIDS-like, post-sepsis chronic disease. Start considering chronic Lyme as a viable and critical differential diagnosis. Stop doing the decades old ‘group-think dance’ falsely and dangerously led by the CDC and the IDSA. Start opening your minds and your hearts to those suffering daily. And for goodness sake, stop sending Lyme sufferers off to a psychiatrist for meds because YOU don’t have answers and it seems like the easy or only thing to do.

And to all psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and mental health professionals, know that chronic Lyme could be the reason your patient’s depression and anxiety is treatment-resistant. It may literally be all in their head – and bacterially driven — where no amount of talk therapy or antidepressants will begin to make a difference.

Chronic Lyme disease is a serious illness where millions are suffering and few are listening. We’re all hoping that doctors will start listening any time now. There are many sufferers just waiting for you to have a heart and to use your head as your credentials and licensing so clearly demand.

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