Metropolitan Ministries, an effective caregiver to poor and homeless people in the four counties of the Tampa Bay area, are calling on people to help the homeless against the threat against Zika virus.

Image/Metropolitan Ministries
Image/Metropolitan Ministries

With more than 200 travel associated Zika cases already reported in Florida and hundreds of homeless families across Tampa Bay are living in their cars, tents and in the woods in this extreme summer heat, the threat of Zika and other mosquito borne diseases is a real concern.

For little children, and expectant mothers, these conditions are dangerous.  It’s not uncommon for us to see homeless children and their parents covered in bug bites coming into our outreach center desperate and afraid.

Metropolitan Ministries is offering Zika virus kits that can be purchased for the homeless for $23.50. Each kit includes mosquito netting, 6 oz mosquito repellent spray, mosquito dunks (tablet for standing water), and permethrin repellent for spraying clothing (it provides up to six weeks of protection on clothing).

To help, go to this link to purchase a kit