Less than two months after issuing a travel notice for Brazil because of the dengue fever outbreak, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today issued another because of a different mosquito borne virus, Zika virus.


This follows a report last month of 16 confirmed, locally transmitted cases of Zika. Cases have been reported in the states of Bahia and Rio Grande do Norte .

Zika is an illness caused by a virus that is spread to humans through mosquito bites, specifically the Aedes mosquito, the same that transmits dengue fever, chikungunya and yellow fever, all found in Brazil.

Symptoms of Zika may include fever, headache, red eyes, rash, muscle aches, and joint pains. The illness is usually mild, lasting 4–7 days.

There is currently no vaccine or medicine to prevent Zika. Travelers can protect themselves by preventing mosquito bites (see the CDCs “Avoid bug bites page).

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