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In total, 37 cases of cholera have been recorded since December 13, 2021 in the health zone of Uvira in South Kivu province.

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Democratic Republic of the Congo/CIA

According to Jaime Saidi, cholera focal point in this health zone, among these cases, there was one death and a dozen cases of recovery have been recorded.

In an address to the press on Friday, December 17, he informed that almost all health areas in this area are affected.

The cholera focal point in the Uvira health zone indicates that the most affected neighborhoods are Songo, Kilubula and Kasenga.

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Jaime Saidi reveals that the causes of this disease are among others the consumption of non-potable water and poor hygienic conditions.

He invites the health authorities to get involved urgently to limit the multiplication of cases of this disease in this part of South Kivu.

It should be remembered that in the health zone of Misisi, close to that of Uvira, more than 50 cases of cholera including 10 deaths have been recorded since the beginning of this month of December.

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