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Bangladesh health officials reported an additional 2,832 dengue cases Sunday, further padding the most cases in a single year total to 133,134.

Another 12 fatalities were also reported, bringing the record death tally to 646 in the country this year.

The capital city of Dhaka accounted for 56,969, or 42.7 percent of the total cases and 468, or 72.4 percent of the deaths through September 4.

The Directorate General of Health Services on Friday said it found Aedes mosquito larvae, responsible for dengue fever, in 40-50 percent houses in Dhaka city, a worrying sign of worsening dengue situation.

Serotyping of 325 samples in 2023 by IEDCR and NILMRC, DENV-2 (62%) and DENV-3 (29%) and DENV-2+3 (10%) was identified as the circulating serotypes.

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The upsurge of reported dengue cases and deaths started the week of April 24 this year.

The dengue outbreak has posed a significant public health challenge as the reported cases, admissions, and deaths remain substantial and puts significant pressure on the health care system.