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In a follow-up on the Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) situation in Afghanistan in 2023, the World Health Organization reports the total number of suspected CCHF cases and associated deaths have reached to 949 and 96, respectively (CFR 10.1%) since the beginning of the year and through August 23.

The CCHF-associated deaths were reported from 14 provinces, more than half of which were reported from 2 provinces; Kabul (46, 47.9%) and Balkh (14, 14.6%).

Out of the total cases, 948 (99.9%) were above 5 years of age and 299 (31.5%) were females.

Totally, 844 samples of suspected CCHF cases were tested since the beginning of 2023, of which 290 samples were positive (34.4% positivity).

Image/Robert Herriman