Bioterrorism and biodefense is a topic that seems to sit under the radar; however, it is there and always remains a concern. There is a long history of intentional release or dissemination of biological agents.

gas maskProfessor at Laboure College in Milton, MA and biodefense and bioterrorism researcher, Lawrence Roberge PhD joined me on last evening’s Outbreak News This Week Radio Show to discuss a myriad of topics related to bioterrorism.

Dr Roberge gave a thorough overview of the use of bioterror agents in human history. We also discussed some specific agents that many people have heard of –anthrax, smallpox and Ebola.

Roberge also went over some areas the average person may not consider to be bioterror targets like the water and food supply and the use of invasive species in the realm of bioterrorism.

LISTEN to the podcast below:

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