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Hantavirus has already caused 14 infections this year in four departments, according to data from the Ministry of Health .

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“In the 2023 administration there are 14 positive cases of hantavirus; three in Tarija, four in Santa Cruz, four in La Paz and three in Cochabamba,” reported the Minister of Health, María Renée Castro.

In La Paz, one of the departments hardest hit by the disease, the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters) declared an epidemiological alert and sent brigades to the north, the affected region.


Last week, the La Paz Headquarters reported two new deaths due to this disease and announced that it would intensify actions, in coordination with the local governments of the affected municipalities, to stop the spread of this disease transmitted by rodents.

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The Ministry of Health reported that it will support these actions in the department, with the sending of equipment. Palos Blancos is one of the most affected municipalities in La Paz; operations focus on identifying sources of infection and eliminating vectors.

The population was asked to maintain clean environments to prevent the proliferation of rodents. If there was suspicion of its presence, it was requested to first wipe the floor with bleach before cleaning, given that transmission occurs through the saliva, urine and feces of these animals.

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