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Brazil health authorities marked the end of the second phase of the Measles Vaccination Campaign Saturday, which began on Nov. 18.


The campaign targeted young people aged 20-29 years who have not yet updated their vaccination booklet. The goal of the second phase of the campaign was to vaccinate 9.4 million young adults.

For Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta, prevention is essential to prevent measles from advancing in the country. “We need to raise vaccination rates. Now is the time to vaccinate to avoid new cases, ”said the minister.

“Vaccination is of utmost importance at this time to address the outbreak that is occurring in the country. Health services are prepared with vaccines to serve the target audience,” said Franciele Fontana, coordinator PNI, during vaccination action at the Health Unit of the Governor Eduardo Campos Family in Recife.

The age group of 20 to 29 years is the one that accumulates the largest number of confirmed cases of measles, according to the latest epidemiological bulletin, so the importance of this step to interrupt the chain of transmission of the virus in the country. For this public, the biggest problem is not the severity of the disease, but the transmission factor for groups more susceptible to complications of the disease, such as children, for example.

The measles outbreak is still active in the country. Currently, 11,896 cases and 15 deaths from the disease are confirmed by week 45. Most cases, 11095 (93.2%) are concentrated in the state of São Paulo, mainly in the metropolitan region.

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