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The Baotou City People’s Government reported (computer translated) a human plague death in Suji New Village, the Wendu Village Committee of Shibao Town, Damaoqi in Inner Mongolia, China. This is the second human plague case this year and the first fatality.


According to officials, the municipal medical expert group based on epidemiological survey data and telephone interviews with close contacts and laboratories. The patient’s cause of death was circulatory system failure.

Officials did not disclose how the individual contracted the lethal bacterial infection.

Officials say that according to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Plague Epidemic Early Warning Implementation Plan, the warning level was raised to level III and will continue until the end of the year. All control measures have been put in place.

The deceased’s residence in Suji New Village shall be sealed off, large and small quarantine circles shall be delineated, epidemiological investigations shall be carried out comprehensively, the health monitoring of quarantined objects shall be strengthened, health monitoring, plague nucleic acid detection and publicity and education of all persons in the quarantine shall be carried out.

The deceased’s residence and surrounding farmer’s residences were completely wiped out every day, and flea and rodent eradication, environmental sanitation and remediation were carried out in and around Suji New Village. At present, all villagers in Suji New Village have no abnormalities such as fever, and the plague nucleic acid PCR test results are all negative.

Experts remind the general public: You should maintain good personal hygiene habits, try to avoid going to epidemic areas and spots, and if you have fever, cough and other related symptoms, you should go to the designated medical institution in time; if you suspect that you have had contact with the case, you can go to the local disease control department which takes the initiative to declare and obtain professional guidance.

If symptoms such as fever, cough, lymph node pain, hemoptysis or bleeding occur, seek medical attention in time. It is necessary to strictly follow the requirements of the “three nos and three reports” for plague prevention and control, minimize contact with wild animals when traveling, and do not hunt, feed or carry wild animals without authorization. At the same time, prevent flea bites and prevent flea bites. Field workers must raise their awareness of plague prevention and strengthen personal protective measures. The general public must rationally understand and deal with the plague epidemic in a scientific manner, and do not believe in, spread or spread rumors.

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