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The Corsican Regional Health Agency reports a case of autochthonous dengue fever in Corsica, confirmed by the National Reference Center for arboviruses (CNR).

Aedes albopictus

The person who was infected lives in Corsica and has not traveled recently. To date, the patient is no longer viremic and his state of health has given rise to no concern.

Investigations, in conjunction with Public Health France, are underway to identify any other cases and apply appropriate mosquito control measures in collaboration with the Collectivity of Corsica.

To avoid the transmission of the dengue virus, it is indeed very important to put in place, if necessary, mosquito control measures in the neighborhood of residence and in the places frequented by the confirmed case (public roads, private gardens).

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These interventions, implemented by the Collectivity of Corsica, make it possible to eliminate potentially infected adult mosquitoes and to remove breeding sites to limit the proliferation of mosquitoes in these sectors.