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The Ministry of Health issued a health alert due to the large increase in dengue cases. At epidemiological week 34, which covers from August 20 to 26, 8,261 cases of dengue are reported, which means an increase of almost double the number of cases reported last year on the same date. It went from 4,780 to 8,261 cases, 42% more than in 2022.

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The cantons with the highest number of cases are Sarapiquí with a report of 964 cases, Siquirres with 732 cases, Pococí with 682 cases, Puntarenas with 625 cases, Talamanca with 566 cases and, finally, Limón with 556 cases. However, in the rest of the country’s cantons, cases are also reported, so it is important that the population does not let its guard down.

The Vice President and Minister of Health insists on the need to eliminate all types of breeding sites to prevent the spread of the disease. “All the help from the population is of great importance to be able to reduce the number of cases, the joint work between us from the ministry and the community is essential so that together we can fight this disease, we need you, who is in your home, eliminate all breeding sites and teach your children so that they grow up with this culture and thus reduce the cases” added Dr. Munive.

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The ministry has been working to strengthen the prevention of this disease, through fumigation campaigns, tire collection, alliances with different institutions and companies, and interventions in priority areas. Likewise, weeks ago he launched the communication campaign “Enough applause”, with the aim of impacting the population through clear and precise messages on the elimination of breeding sites to combat vector diseases.

Likewise, we ask key social actors, such as municipal governments, the Ministry of Public Education, community organizations, the tourism sector, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, among others, to join the different actions generated by the Ministry of Health to contain and prevent the spread of the virus. dengue. The general population is urged to periodically check their homes, patios and communities to eliminate potential breeding grounds for the dengue-transmitting mosquito, as well as to be aware of the communications from this ministry with the recommendations.