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The Ministry of Public Health reported that it continues to carry out interventions in the zones and areas where there have been an increase in dengue cases, which include timely fumigations and operations to destroy and eliminate Aedes aegypti mosquito breeding sites.

Aedes aegypti

The reports of the last 4 weeks show that the provinces or Health Areas that have registered the highest number of cases are La Romana, Barahona Area III (Santo Domingo north), San Cristóbal and La Vega.

So far this year (updated to 08/28/2023) there have been 5,145 probable cases of dengue throughout the country, which compared to 2022 (4,716 cases) represents an increase of approximately 10%.

Dr. José Luis Cruz, director of CECOVEZ, said that currently all the Provincial Health Directorates and Areas are in permanent session carrying out interventions that consist of abatement, decacharrization, health education to the population as well as continuous fumigations.

In the current year 2023, the region of the Americas has reportedly experienced a significant increase in dengue cases.

Dr. Eladio Pérez, Vice Minister of Collective Health, said that the statistics published by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) detail that dengue is in a period of rebound at the international level, although the same report affirms that the Dominican Republic At the moment it registers one of the best indicators in the region.

Public health maintains the call for the epidemiological alert issued on May 24, urging families to eliminate possible breeding sites, keep their surroundings clean and smear chlorine on the tanks and containers where you keep or store water, covering them well to prevent them from reproducing. the larvae, which become mosquitoes, and reminds the population that the schedules in which the fumigation operations are being carried out are early in the morning, from 6 to 7am and late at night from 6 to 7pm. because in these hours it is that the female mosquitoes tend to come out, feed and reproduce.

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Dengue is a viral infection that is transmitted by mosquito bites to people, causing high or mild fever, it can even be debilitating, with severe headaches, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain, and rashes. on the skin.