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The Costa Rica Ministry of Health reports they are currently investigating the case of a two-year-old girl who presented severe hepatitis without liver failure.

Image by Koen One Stop Map from Pixabay

Currently, the minor shows satisfactory clinical improvement and was discharged after requiring hospitalization.

Given this situation, the Health Surveillance Directorate of the Ministry generated the alert for health services and an inter-institutional team was formed that is monitoring the behavior of the event.

Hepatitis is an acute inflammation of the liver that can be associated with multiple causes, including viral infections, toxic substances, medications and some medical conditions; It is characterized by symptoms such as fever, yellowing of the skin or the whites of the eyes (jaundice), abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and sometimes color changes in urine and stool.

Because the possible causes are still not clear, parents are recommended to be vigilant of their children’s health and check that they are up to date with the vaccination schedule; At the same time, the general population is recommended not to neglect hygiene measures such as frequent hand washing with soap and water, cough and sneeze protocol, proper food handling, avoid contact with people with respiratory symptoms or similar to those of hepatitis and be attentive to the communications of the health authorities.

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