Malaysia reported an additional 457 dengue fever cases Wednesday, according to the health ministry, bringing the total cases in the country to 15,708.


Selangor state, much like in 2015, is reporting about half the nation’s total with 7585 to date. Johor state has seen 2404 dengue cases, second only to Selangor.

Through Feb. 2, 32 dengue related fatalities have been reported.

Concerning Zika virus, also transmitted by the Aedes mosquito like dengue, no Zika has been reported so far. Deputy Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya said, “So far, we have sent almost 300 blood samples to laboratories and we have the capability to conduct tests at major hospitals.

“We have the laboratories capable of carrying out such tests. So far, there has been no Zika virus infection.

“We have to be more alert now. Unlike the MERS-Cov which causes high fever of up to 40 degrees Celsius, Zika causes only mild fever which may not be detected by our scanners at the airport.”