Thailand health officials saw more than 5,000 dengue fever cases during January 2016, reporting a total of 5129 cases from 76 provinces. The areas with the most dengue illness include Bangkok,  Nakornpathom, Samutsakorn, Rayong and Srisaket. No fatalities have been reported in 2016.


Thailand saw more than 140,000 dengue fever cases in 2015.

In addition, health officials say they have confirmed a locally acquired Zika virus case in a 22-year-old, which appears to have the same strain as seen in Brazil and Colombia.

The virus, first discovered in Thailand in 2012, infects about 5 patients each year.

In mid-January, an imported Zika infection was reported in Taiwan in a man from northern Thailand.

On Monday, the World Health Organization declared Zika virus a public health emergency.