In a follow-up on the dengue outbreak on the island of Reunion, health officials report an additional 682 confirmed cases the week of Mar. 11, bringing the total to 3,048 cases since January 1.

Image/ARS Indian Ocean
Image/ARS Indian Ocean

Dengue activity is most active in The Saint-Louis River, Saint Louis, Saint Pierre, L’Etang-Sale and  Cabris Ravine, while new transmission zones have been identified in Petite-Ile, Saint-Leu, Entre-Deux, Saint-Paul Bois de Nèfles, The Port.

Since the beginning of 2019, 5 deaths have been reported.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in 2018, 9,924 indigenous cases and 11 deaths have been recorded.

Health officials say in order to limit the spread of dengue fever in the island, the active participation of the local residents in the implementation of preventive measures is essential: Seek immediate medical attention in case of symptoms, protect yourself from mosquito bites with repellents and eliminate anything that may contain water (breeding sites) around your home.

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