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A measles epidemic was declared in the province of Lomami, after the detection of 122 cases, including 121 in the health zone of Luputa, and another in that of Kandakanda, in the territory of Luilu, according to a 7sur7 report.


Among the 121 positive cases recorded in Luputa, 11 deaths are reported so far, according to the governor the interim governor of Lomami, Jean Hilaire Kazadi Mutambayi who confided in the press on Tuesday February 22, 2022.

This is a public health problem! This prompts me to declare on this day, the measles epidemic in the province of Lomami. To date, medical teams supported by a few technical and financial partners from the health sector have already announced the response to this epidemic. Thus, I take this opportunity to invite the entire population of Lomami province to remain calm and be vigilant,” the provincial authority said in correspondence sent to 7SUR7.CD.

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The Governor of Lomami is appealing for help from the central government and its technical and financial partners to stem this epidemic.

Since January 8, measles has been raging in the Luputa health zone, in the Luilu territory and in the Kandakanda health zone.