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More than 700 cases of measles have been recorded in Kwango province since the beginning of 2022, specifically in the health zones of Kitenda, Popo Kabaka and Panzi.

Epidemiologist of the provincial health division, Dr. François Mwakisenda said, “There are three health zones that are affected, specifically the health zone of Kitenda which recorded 730 cases followed by the health zone of Popo Kabaka which recorded 9 cases and finally the health zone of Panzi. The difficulties are compared to the health zone of Kitenda where there are more cases, there is the MSF team which went there to fight back against measles. support, unfortunately the zones are not supported as soon as this kit ends. They will not be able to take care of the children. The other zones are not even supported. There is no partner that supports the measles response.”

Mwakisenda said it would be better to organize campaigns of mass activities to vaccinate all children against measles. There are supplies only in the health zone where MSF intervened, but elsewhere there are no supplies. “The government could provide inputs to fight against this disease. From the first week to the fifth epidemiological week, we are already at more than 700 cases, it would be better to act well before waiting for the worst to happen”.

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