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In a follow-up on the meningitis outbreak in Tshopo province, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), The Minister of Health, Hygiene and Prevention, during the Council of Ministers meeting last Friday, informed the government that a two-month response plan against the meningitis epidemic that is raging in Banalia, in the Tshopo province was developed.

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According to doctor Jean-Jacques Mbungani, medical treatment kits are being prepared and discussions with the World Health Organization (WHO) are underway for the acquisition of vaccines.

In this regard, the President of the Republic, in his communication to members of the government, instructed the Minister of Public Health, Hygiene and Prevention to take all measures to “contain this meningitis epidemic, interrupt its chain of transmission in the province of Tshopo and thus prevent it from spreading to other provinces and neighboring countries “, according to the report of the Council of Ministers.

According to the same source, the Head of State also invited the Prime Minister, Sama Lukonde, to set up a crisis unit in order to monitor the activities of the response on a daily basis and to ensure the effective involvement of all sectoral ministries and services whose support will be deemed useful for the effectiveness of the response.

The government of the Republic declared the meningitis epidemic in Tshopo on Tuesday, September 07, 2021. At least 267 cases, including 129 deaths already linked to this disease, have been recorded in the Banalia health zone.

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