European health officials reported an additional 150 human West Nile virus cases during the past week, bringing the total human cases to 948 this year. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the number of cases are up three-fold compared to previous years.


Of the 150 recent cases, the breakdown by country is as follows: Romania (66), Italy (34), Greece (24), Hungary (21), Austria (3) and Bulgaria (2).

In addition, EU neighboring countries reported 56 cases: Serbia (24) and Israel (32).

Nineteen fatalities were reported this week Romania (7), Greece (6), Italy (3) and Serbia (3).

Italy has reported the most cases this year with 361 cases followed by Greece (192), Romania (183) and Hungary (155).

To date, 90 deaths due to West Nile virus infection have been reported.