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In a follow-up on the resurgent cholera situation in Haiti, the Department of Epidemiology, Laboratories and Research (DELR) of the Ministry of Public Health reports that as of October 5, there has been 11 confirmed cases (culture positive), including two institutional deaths (Any suspected, probable or confirmed case who dies in a caring institution).

In addition, the suspected cholera cases stands at 111, with 107 being hospitalized.

The distribution of the suspected cases (Any person presenting with acute, watery, profuse diarrhea, with or without vomiting, with or without dehydration) is as follows: In Center Department, there are two cases in Mirebalais.

In the West Department, suspected cases are as follows: Cité Soleil (41 cases), Cross -des-Bouquets (1 case), Delmas (8 cases), Pétion-ville (4 cases) and Port-au-Prince (55 cases).



















Dr. Rosalyn Chan explaining UN links to cholera outbreak in Haiti: