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InfectionControl.tipsOpen peer-review is a novel tool to promote pan-access science, and helps to improve the quality of research projects. Today, InfectionControl.tips opens the peer-review process to the experts, and encourages reviewers from diverse backgrounds to work together, and create world class research materials and projects. Reviewers are encouraged to provide a critical review as they go through the document. After a short period, the original authors can then revise their document with all of the incorporated changes.

If authors choose to open their submission to the open peer review process, registered users of InfectionControl.tips can then comment and help to improve the quality of the submissions with their expertise and constructive criticisms. Thereby revolutionizing and advancing science to new levels!

First Open Review Article:
Electromicyn Solution and Hydrogel: Topical Antimicrobial Wound Healing Agent

Find it here: http://infectioncontrol.tips/2016/04/27/1911/

Family-Owned Pharma Partners with Not-for-Profit to Achieve Global WHO EML Submission

Control of infectious diseases is a global issue that require global cooperation and often rapid decisive actions to be taken. It was therefore a clear choice for Te Arai BioFarma, a family-owned Pharma company from New Zealand, to partner with the not-for-profit online publication organization www.InfectionControl.tips to achieve a rapid global reach for their WHO Essential Medicines List (EML) submission.

Te Arai BioFarma has the rights to distribute a so-called “neutral super-oxidised solution” (or electrochemically-activated water) as a non-cytotoxic topical antiseptic to replace older technologies, such as povidone-iodine, chlorhexidine and silver.

The neutral super-oxidised solution is a highly potent antimicrobial against bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi and moulds. It exerts its antimicrobial action through osmotic shock that is not susceptible antimicrobial resistance. Ancillary actions include promotion of wound healing, reduction of inflammation and non-toxicity to healthy human tissue.

This technology has proven to be an important tool in the non-antibiotic topical control of infections. However, the dilemma was how to rapidly disseminate the information and achieve a broad base of critical expert support for a WHO EML submission. The team at Infection Control Tips were the ideal partners and have enthusiastically turned around a software platform to achieve the world’s first crowd submission to WHO EML.

We are excited at the step change that this partnership may bring the wider global community.

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