Haiti is dealing once again with a humanitarian crisis after getting hit hard by Hurricane Matthew earlier this week. The death toll as of this writing is around 600 and parts of the country has been laid to waste…again.

Image/Dr John Carroll
Image/Dr John Carroll

What are the near term and long tern effects of Hurricane Matthew on Haiti?

What is the situation like in Haiti? How has Haiti recovered from the devastating 2010 earthquake? How about infrastructure, infant mortality, the world’s largest cholera outbreak, Zika and a number of other health issues?

Peoria, Illinois physician and founder of the not-for-profit, Haitian Hearts, joined me for a full show interview on a myriad of topics concerning the country that sits on the eastern part of Hispaniola island, just a short 600 miles from the state of Florida.

Dr. Carroll has a long history in Haiti (35 years), treats hundreds of children there each year and has a genuine love for the people of Haiti.

Read Dr. Carroll’s blog, Dispatches from Haiti, for a great “on-the-ground” look at the country.

For a comprehensive list of organizations you can give to, which will help the Haitian people, see the following Weather.com story

Haitian Hearts is a not-for-profit that brings Haitian kids back to the US for heart surgeries.

LISTEN to the complete interview with Dr. Carroll below:

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