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Veterinary Public Health in Los Angeles County are now reporting approximately 800 confirmed and suspect cases of canine influenza virus (CIV) H3N2 in dogs in LA County since July 2021.


This is up from 279 confirmed cases and 120 suspected cases one month ago.

In addition, the death toll is now up to seven dogs.

To stop the spread of this outbreak, pet owners and veterinarians are strongly encouraged to vaccinate dogs against CIV H3N2 and isolate sick pets at home for 28 days from the first day of illness.  Pets exposed to confirmed or suspected cases should be kept on a home quarantine and observed for clinical signs for 14 days.


Pet owners

  • If your pet has symptoms of influenza, keep it away from other animals and contact your veterinarian.

  • Symptoms of influenza may include: cough, fever, sneezing, discharge from the nose, lethargy, and/or loss of appetite.  Some dogs have no symptoms.

  • Vaccinate dogs against CIV H3N2 before they enter boarding kennels, dog day care, dog parks, or engage in dog group activities.  This vaccination is also advisable for dogs that may occasionally encounter other dogs.

  • The CIV vaccine is two doses, given 3-4 weeks apart.  To provide time for immunity to develop, dogs should wait 2 weeks after receiving the second dose of the vaccine before entering facilities or having contact with other dogs.

  • If your pet is sick, keep your pet at home for 28 days from the first day of illness – this will help to prevent your dog from spreading the disease to other dogs even after they are fully recovered.

  • If your pet is asymptomatic but was exposed to other sick pets, keep your pet at home for 14 days to monitor for symptoms and then contact your vet if they become ill.

  • To prevent spread of disease, do not let a sick pet share its food bowl, leash, toys, or other supplies with other pets

  • Wash your hands after touching your pet

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