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Officials in Mauritania, in Northwest Africa released the following statement this week (translated):

Given the early and promising rainy season this year, which often comes with significant health risks; The Ministry of Health, within the “One Health” committee, took the initiative to strengthen monitoring at the national level. As part of the results of this monitoring, two samples of suspected cases of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) and Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) were confirmed in Western Basin and Brakna states, respectively.

Since the two mentioned cases were reported, the relevant ministerial sectors; And members of the “One Health” committee to activate monitoring devices, take measures to respond, assess the situation, and check on their capabilities and readiness to face any possible development of the situation.

“The inhabitants of risk areas (where mosquitoes are infested) are required to observe the following measures: avoid contact with blood and biological fluids of animals; be sure to sleep under a mosquito net; separation of animals from dwellings; wash your hands regularly with soap before and after touching animals or their products; cook meat thoroughly and heat milk before consumption; contact the nearest health facility immediately in case of fever or hemorrhage; inform the veterinary services of any case of abortion in livestock; wear personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, and goggles) in slaughterhouses and during direct contact with the animal; burn and bury dead animals.”

Finally, the “One Health” technical committee calls on all farmers to limit the movement of their herds, to report the occurrence of any disease and cooperate with veterinary interests for the correct implementation of the measures taken and the prevention of the diseases mentioned.