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The measles outbreak, which began in the last week of 2022 in Mauritania, has grown to 285 suspected cases of measles of which 186 cases were confirmed positive to date.

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In addition, three deaths have been reported.

Cases have been reported from three wilayas (regions) of Nouakchott and eight other wilayas in the interior of the country.

Among the confirmed cases, 70% of cases were under the age of 15 years. Among children aged 9-59 months, 57% were found to be unvaccinated for measles.

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The WHO and UNICEF national immunization coverage for measles containing vaccines in 2021 for Mauritania was 63% while national administration coverage reported 89% in 2021. Both estimates fall below the 95% coverage required to sustain population immunity.

In recent years, the country had recorded at total of 22 confirmed cases in 2020, 747 cases in 2021, and
502 cases in 2022.

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