In a follow-up on the infectious disease situation in Mozambique one month after the landfall of Cyclone Adai, OCHA reports a recent reduction in cholera cases and a rise in malaria cases.


To date, 5,897 cholera cases have been reported. However, officials say the cholera epidemiological curve showed a reduction in recent days, in line with the expected trajectory of the outbreak following the oral vaccination campaign.

The most recent day with data, April 15, 241 cholera cases were reported.

Concerning malaria, the numbers continue to rise, with 10,689 reported between 27 March and 15 April.

According to officials, as of 15 April, the official death toll has remained at 603 people and the number of houses destroyed or damaged remained at 239,731. The number of displaced people in collective sites were at 70,610.

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To date, more than 1 million people have been reached with emergency assistance.