The number of mumps cases reported in Toronto has risen to 62 confirmed cases, according to city health officials.

Most of the cases are among 18-35 year old individuals. Five of the cases are related to elementary and high schools in Toronto, either among staff or students.

All of the cases related to Toronto school settings acquired the mumps from close contact with a known individual who already had the mumps and not from the school setting.

However, broader community spread of the mumps is now occurring in Toronto. Individuals should ensure they are up-to-date with their vaccinations against the mumps.

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In Nova Scotia, Public Health’s investigation of a travel-related measles case is continuing, with a second linked case now confirmed.


“This second measles case is linked to the case identified last week,” says Dr. Lynda Earle, medical officer of health for South West, South Shore and Annapolis Valley. “It’s quite a contagious virus, so not unusual that we would have more cases identified and through public awareness and our contact tracing, we’re aiming to keep that number down.”

Risk to the general public remains low and most people are protected from measles infection by being vaccinated.

All current cases have been young adults. Investigation of confirmed cases has included notifying some organizations and businesses so that they can help share information with their staff and clients about measles symptoms and what to do if symptoms develop.

People at the following locations in Digby, on the dates specified, may have been exposed to measles:

  • Dockside Restaurant, Digby – March 17
  • Roof Hound Brewing Company, Digby – March 17 and March 18
  • Sunset Pub, Digby – March 17

Those exposed at the above locations may develop symptoms between now and April 11, 2017.

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