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In a follow-up on the record dengue fever season in Nepal, the country’s Epidemiology and Disease Control Division reports a total of 38,918 dengue cases through October 13.

Aedes aegypti/CDC

Bagmati province has reported the highest number of cases (29,991) followed by Lumbini province (4,365). Kathmandu district in Bagmati province had 12,102 cases.

To date, 47 deaths due to dengue are verified.

The increase in cases in 2022 aligned with the rainy season (July to Oct) with cases peaking in each province. The majority of cases (38,753, 99.6 %) were reported during this time period.

The first case of dengue in Nepal was reported in 2004. Since, then dengue cases have been gradually reported in Nepal. The previous high in one year was 2019 with 17,992 reported dengue cases from 68 districts: comprising all seven Provinces.

In Nepal, dengue is a rapidly emerging disease. Endemic across most provinces, dengue incidence
has increased in recent years largely due to expansion of the vector Aedes aegypti and Aedes
albopictus, as well as the movement of people and the introduction of imported cases. All 4 dengue
serotypes exist in Nepal, with DENV-1 and 2 historically contributing the highest burden.

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