On Sunday’s show I look at a variety of topics that are pressing in the news today. Measles and vaccines are important topics as UNICEF says global cases are surging to alarmingly high levels.

Madagascar’s outbreak is massive and some are asking, could that happen here? I give my thoughts.

The outbreak Vancouver, BC has prompted plans for mandatory vaccination and are you old enough to remember when the lines would stretch around the corner for the polio vaccine?

The hepatitis A outbreak situation in the US is affecting about 1/3 of the state and critics say the hardest hit state, Kentucky–health officials response  was “too low and too slow.

I discuss the sad and preventable situation of congenital syphilis as Arizona and Manitoba, Canada see tragic increases.

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Finally, a law suit is percolating in Canada over the side-effects deployed soldiers experienced they blame on the anti-malarial, mefloquine.

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Image/Robert Herriman
Image/Robert Herriman