Dutch media are reporting (computer translated) that poliovirus has been found in wastewater near where a large pharmaceuticals company makes vaccines. According to the report, the Healthcare Inspectorate (IGJ), which is investigating the case, says it is still unclear what the source is and whether employees have been exposed to the virus. All technical and lab facilities are currently under investigation and employees are tested.


In the sewer that was examined, both the waste water from the companies and the water from the toilets of the three institutions ended up. In addition to Bilthoven Biologicals, one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world, the site also houses the Intravacc research institute and the RIVM building, where a polio laboratory is located. Samples were taken from the sewage water on July 21, and it was established in the first week of August that it contained polio virus. According to a RIVM spokesperson, no technical problem has yet been identified in the company or the lab. Nor has a human source been found yet.

RIVM informed the World Health Organization (WHO) about the incident two weeks ago. Bilthoven Biologicals  produces half  of the 60 million polio vaccines in the world, the WHO is the buyer.


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