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In a follow-up on the COVID-19 vaccination situation in Portugal, according to the Vaccination Report released on the 27th of July, which  indicates that 52% (5.389,935) of the Portuguese have already completed vaccination against COVID-19.

According to the same report, at least one dose has been administered to 67% of people (6,865,047).

Since the start of the vaccination plan, Portugal has received 12,886,770 vaccines, with 12,043,017 million doses being distributed by vaccination centers in the Autonomous Regions and mainland territory.

By age groups, 99% of people over 80 years old (679,085) have already been vaccinated with the first dose and 96% (652,322) completed the vaccination process. Likewise, 99% (1,632,149) of the Portuguese aged between 65 and 79 years old have the first dose and 94% (1,530,817) the complete vaccination schedule.

In the age group between 50 and 64 years, 2,022,572 (93%) took at least the first dose and 1,791,420 (82%) completed the vaccination.

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72% (2,406,642) of people aged between 25 and 49 have started vaccination and 40% (1,342,356) already have the complete vaccination schedule.

Regarding the youngest, 15% (120,723) of the Portuguese aged between 18 and 24 years have at least one dose of the vaccine and 9% (70,368) have had full vaccination.

The first dose of the vaccine was administered to 3,872 people aged up to 17 years and in this age group 2,647 completed the vaccination.

Since the start of the pandemic, Portugal has recorded 966,041 total cases, including 17,344 deaths.

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