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Another case of monkeypox occurs in the state of São Paulo. It was confirmed by the Adolfo Lutz Institute. The patient is a man. He lives in the city of São Paulo and is 31 years old. He is hospitalized at the Instituto de Infectologia Emílio Ribas with a good clinical picture. According to the State Department of Health, the patient has a history of travel to Europe. The secretariat also informed that he and his contacts are isolated and monitored.

Image/joelfotos via pixabay

Last week, two other occurrences of monkeypox were confirmed in the state. Last Thursday (9) , the government of São Paulo confirmed the first case in the country: a resident of the capital of São Paulo who is hospitalized at Emílio Ribas, with a good evolution of the clinical picture. The second record was detected in a 29-year-old man, who is isolated at his residence in Vinhedo, in the interior of the state. Both occurrences were considered imported, as the patients had a history of traveling abroad.

The Ministry of Health reported today (15) that it has already been notified about this new case in São Paulo and about a new patient in the state of Rio de Janeiro. He is a 38-year-old Brazilian, residing in London, who arrived in Brazil on June 11 to visit his family. According to the ministry, the patient is in isolation at home. His clinical picture is stable.

According to the Ministry of Health, with these two new confirmations, there are now five cases of monkeypox in Brazil: three in São Paulo, one in Rio Grande do Sul and one in Rio de Janeiro. Eight cases are still under investigation. The ministry also informed that the death that was under investigation in Minas Gerais was ruled out for monkeypox . The causes of this death are still under investigation.

In related news, The Enterovirus Laboratory of the Oswaldo Cruz Institute (IOC/Fiocruz) was named a Reference Laboratory of the Ministry of Health (MS) for the analysis of samples suspected of monkeypox. The unit will analyze the material collected in the state of Rio de Janeiro and throughout the Northeast Region.

The appointment increases the reference network in laboratory diagnosis of the disease in the country. The Ezequiel Dias Foundation in Minas Gerais was already part of the network; the Adolfo Lutz Institute, in São Paulo; and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, through the Molecular Biology of Virus and Molecular Virology Laboratories.