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The South Africa National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) reports since the first week in October 2022, 506 confirmed measles cases have been reported, including 484 cases in outbreak-affected provinces.


The breakdown in outbreak-affected provinces is a follows: Limpopo (167 cases), Mpumalanga (91 cases), North West (157 cases), Gauteng (46 cases), and Free State (23 cases).

The age of laboratory-confirmed cases across the five provinces ranges from two months to 60 years. The majority of cases 196, (40%) were in the 5-9-year age group, followed by 134 (28%) in the 1-4-year age group and 81 (17%) in the 10-14-year age group.

Of the 484 cases in the provinces where the measles outbreak has been declared, the vaccination status of 93 (19%) was known, of whom 41 (44%) were vaccinated.

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The NICD continues to support the planned vaccination campaigns as these are the only way to prevent measles transmission and further morbidity and mortality. Prevention and control of measles outbreaks can only be achieved through vaccination. Caregivers and parents are advised to review their child’s vaccination records and confirm that they have received the measles vaccine. It is never too late to vaccinate – children who have not been vaccinated may receive the measles vaccine at any age over 6 months, and free of charge at primary health services.