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In the first week of May (April 30-May 6), 16 confirmed patients had Mpox

60 cumulative confirmed cases in Korea, 54 suspected cases of domestic infection 

The Central Defense Countermeasure Headquarters reported 6 additional confirmed cases (#55~60) after the announcement of a Mpox outbreak on May 3. To date, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Korea has reached 60.

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In the first week of May, confirmed patients were reported in Seoul (11 cases), Gyeonggi (2 cases), and Incheon, Busan, Gwangju (1 case ).

The presumed route of infection of the new weekly patients was presumed to be domestic infection because there was no overseas travel history within 3 weeks before the first symptom onset or was not related, and infection was by sexual contact.

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Patient residence for cumulative cases are as follows: Seoul 30, Gyeonggi 12, Incheon 3, Gyeongnam 3, Daegu 3, Gyeongbuk 2, Daejeon 1, Jeonnam 1, Gangwon 1, Chungbuk 1, Chungnam 1 persons, Busan 1, Gwangju 1.

Of the 60 cumulative confirmed patients, 58 (96.6%) were male, 10 (16.6%) were in their 20s, 42 (70.0%) were in their 30s, and the others were in their 40s and 50s.

In addition, 58 cases (96.6%) had sexual contact through an anonymous mobile app within 3 weeks before the onset of the first symptom, and 51 of them were confirmed to have had sexual contact with an unknown person.

The main clinical symptoms of these patients were local skin lesions (ulcer, swelling, rash) accompanied by pain in the anus and genitals, and other symptoms such as fever, chills, muscle pain, and enlarged lymph nodes were confirmed.

Starting today, mpox vaccination for high risk groups has been expanded.