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On the afternoon of July 4, the Center for Disease Control of Ho Chi Minh City (HCDC) said that last week in Ho Chi Minh City, there was 1 more death from dengue fever . In addition, 175 new dengue fever outbreaks have arisen in 98 wards and communes, the most since the beginning of the year.

From June 24 to 30, Ho Chi Minh City had 2,428 dengue cases, an increase of nearly 7% compared to the average of 4 weeks ago. During the week, 1 case of dengue fever was recorded, bringing the total number of deaths from dengue since the beginning of the year to 11 cases.

According to HCDC, the number of dengue fever cases in week 26 continued to increase in 15/22 districts, Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc (except District 1, District 4, District 5, District 6, District 8, District 12, Phu Nhuan). The districts with an alarming increase in the number of cases compared to the average of 4 weeks ago are Can Gio and Nha Be.

Many wards and communes have a high number of cases such as Tan Hung ward, Tan Kieng ward (District 7), Ward 6 (District 11), An Phu Dong (District 12), An Lac ward, Binh Tri Dong B (Binh Tan), Can Thanh commune (Can Gio), Phuoc Hiep commune and Trung Lap Thuong commune (Cu Chi); Ward 4 and Ward 13 (Go Vap); Nhi Binh and Tan Hiep communes (Hoc Mon); Hiep Phuoc commune, Nhon Duc commune, Phuoc Kien commune, Phuoc Loc commune (Nha Be); Ward 12 (Tan Binh); Phu Thanh ward (Tan Phu); Binh Tho ward (Thu Duc city).

By the end of June, Ho Chi Minh City recorded 21,750 cases of dengue fever, an increase of more than 181% over the same period last year. The number of severe dengue cases was 3.7 times higher than last year with 346 cases.

In the past week, the whole city recorded 175 new outbreaks of dengue fever in 98 wards and communes. The health sector continues to organize chemical spray treatment of outbreaks, to eliminate swarms at outbreaks and risk points. The total number of outbreaks treated with chemical spray during the week was 347 (including the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time designated outbreaks) and 4 wards and communes handled large-scale outbreaks; kill locusts 396 plays.

Currently, there are many last-line hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City that are overloaded because dengue patients are rushed to the hospital, including many severe cases of dengue shock, requiring long-term intensive care.