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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a travel notice for Hong Kong today due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

Image/Hong Kong CHP

CDC says many cases of this new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) have been associated with travel to or from mainland China or close contact with a travel-related case, but multiple instances of community spread have been reported in Hong Kong.

Community spread means that people in Hong Kong have been infected with the virus, but how or where they became infected is not known.

Travelers to Hong Kong should avoid contact with sick people and clean their hands often by washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with 60%–95% alcohol.

To date, Hong Kong was recorded 65 COVID-19 cases. In addition, a second death has been reported in a 70-year-old male.

The deceased man got sick on the 12th of this month. During the consultation in the Accident and Emergency Department of Princess Margaret Hospital, his condition gradually deteriorated, and his blood oxygen level remained low.

The deceased had been prescribed a protease inhibitor to inhibit the virus and was prescribed antibiotics during his stay in the hospital. As he had diabetes, high blood pressure, and poor renal function, he had to undergo continuous venous hemofiltration during hospitalization.

The situation of the deceased started to deteriorate this morning and he died.