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Greek health authorities have reported the first West Nile virus (WNV) cases of the season. The National Public Health Organization (EODY) has reported the first three WNV cases in the Regional Unit of Pella, or the Municipality of Pella.


West Nile virus cases occur almost every year in Europe and Greece since 2010, particularly during the summer and autumn months.

West Nile virus is transmitted mainly by the bite of infected “common” mosquitoes, which are infected by infected birds (some species, mainly wild birds). Infected people are not considered to transmit the virus to other mosquitoes.

The majority of people infected with the virus do not get sick at all or have only a mild illness, while very few people (<1% of those infected) develop a serious disease that affects the nervous system (mainly encephalitis or meningitis). Older people (over 50) are more at risk for serious illness, as well as people with immunosuppression and chronic underlying diseases.